I have always been a Medium and Healer, this lifetime and all the others.
I have always had the ability to connect to Spirit.
My Mum always said everywhere Shaz goes spirits talk to her!
Talking to spirit is as natural for me as being able to breath.
I have always been able to talk/communicate to spirits.
We all can, the only difference is I believe in what I see, what I feel, what I hear. It is normal to me, it is part of me.
I just know things. I open my mouth and words come fluttering out. Words that have a lot of meaning for the person listening. I have always been able to see people in spirit, your deceased loved one, Archangels, Master, many beautiful realms.
There is only inner peace and unconditional love in these realms.
The hurt, the jealous, the angry, they are human thoughts and words.
To my understanding we have pre-written our scripts and come to earth to play it out in a human dress up body. Therefore if you do not like the path you have chosen, the negative path, you can always change it. Change your opinion about you, about your life and your choices.
Choice to live in a positive light and energy.
Choosing to like the dress up you have chosen to walk around in.
Choosing to find your path and fulfill it, your divine purpose.
It is your life.
Other people’s opinions can be good knowledge, food information but it does not mean you have to follow their path, use it as advice, adding to your book of knowledge.
Every person you meet on this planet is a teacher, each person adds their knowledge to yours. New adventures, new places, new music, new ideas. That’s why you met them.

I remember telling Spirit I did not want to grow up if being grown up meant being ignorant.
I didn’t understand that people didn’t use their own abilities, I didn’t understand why only I could.
To me it is very natural to connect to Spirit, to talk to Spirit and Spirits. To respect Mother Earth, To respect every living creature of this earth.
It is quite difficult to be Human and spiritual some times, Knowing things in advance can sometimes be heart braking, It can also be fantastic as it gives me the opportunity to Love everyone.
I do get judged a lot by people, until they realise my importance, my connection and the benefits that it can bring others.
I don’t judge people, I accept them for who they are, what they think is real, and their careers.
Im hoping to have that same recognition, for people to just accept me and what I do without ridicule, as I accept them.
Although i do love a skeptic.
I had never meet another Psychic and my family were not supportive of my talents until I was 19years old.

As a child between the ages of 2 and 4 years I use to lie on my Grandmothers lounge room floor and watch all the orbs bubbles of light floating around.
Their energy, their colours gave me a lot of inner peace.
My family would tut and ask ‘what are you looking at Shaz?’ I would answer all the angel bubbles they are beautiful. The family would roll their eyes and tell me that I was seeing the reflection from the street lights.
I use to just ignore their lack of faith until one day I turned around and said to the angelic bubbles, the orbs, if that is what it means to grow up I don’t ever want to grow up, I don’t ever want to lose this connection.
And I never did lose that connection.
Inside one of the orbs I would see a cave man with a big stick in his hand and what looked like an astronaut’s helmet on. I know now that was his aura around his head.
He was keeping me safe from negativity. Frightening to others, loving to me.

Years later my step dad gave me a book, it opened up onto a page, coincidentally, with the same male figure, the same picture, the same entity, He is carved on the Southern hillside of the UK. I ran to my Mum to show her the picture and she was speechless.
“Life is like a jigsaw, each piece you place into the jigsaw, gives you more of your picture.”

As a child I would pass messages on when the spirits really nagged me, the messages I was giving people I could not have been making up, I was receiving these message from another time and space, from a loved one, who knew the person I was talking about I have spoke like the loved one sometimes.People would react in all different ways, when they received the messages I was sharing.
A lot of adults cried, some yelled at me, most of the time it was my Parents yelling at me and sending me to my room.


Great Grandfather

I was sound asleep in my bed very young under 6
I suddenly awoke to find myself in my Great Granddads villa.
He called me to his side and said “I have to go now”, “All is well, look after your Grandmother for me”. With that a brilliant white light shone down from above. In the light I could see the Archangels, Angels and Orbs. I remember thinking at that moment I know whats going on.
I turned to look at Granddad who smiled at me peacefully. He knew I knew too.
You may think at this point you would start yelling ‘No don’t go’, but you don’t, its too peaceful.
I saw Granddads spiritual body stand up and walk out of the physical body. Presenting this bright spirit. He walked to me, hugged me and said don’t let your Nanna cry too much, I’m okay.
He gave me a big kiss and a huge hug, then he walked into the light with the 2 Archangels standing either side of him.
As they walked further into the light more and more angels and orbs surrounded them, The light lifted back up into the ceiling and was gone.
When I looked around Granddads human body lay there very still, the room was dark and lifeless.
Next I know, I awoke in my bedroom and it was morning.
I remember as a small child trying to explain that Granddad was asleep and we had to help Nanna.
Fear, lack of spiritual understanding by my parents they sent me away, unwilling to hear my childish words. That was until the phone rang to confirm that Granddad had in fact passed over.
Off to Nannas house we all went. She looked into my eyes and I into hers and at that moment, we both knew all was well.

When we moved to Campbelltown I was in-undated with Spirits, wanting to talk to me. I was 6 years old.
Campbelltown was a brand new estate, No freeway, No anything, just lots of houses and empty promises.
Most Spirits wanted to be walked over, some wanted me to share messages with their loved one’s on earth,
Some were just nasty beings, trying to dis-empower and confuse me. The more they dug up Macarthur area there more visitors I received.
My parents built a two story home and had the upstairs windows made so they could only open a small way, preventing my sister and I from ever falling out the window.
At night time I use to talk to my Great grandfather, he is a beautiful man, full of love and knowledge.
He use to help me walk others over. He always arrived through the same doorway into my bedroom, always the same door.
Then a few nights in a row, my bedroom door started to move miles and miles away, so far I could not reach it now. My Great grandfather arrived in my room entering through a different doorway, from a different direction, this man looked like Great Grandfather but he was not Great Grandfather. I would argue with him, pointing out all the reasons why he was not my Great grandfather. He didn’t even smell like Granddad.
I refused to talk to this being which infuriated him. For three nights the nasty entity turned up again and again. Each time I would argue with him, tell him to go away. Then one night he turned up in a rage, not taking no for an answer, I threw every stuffed toy at him I owned, which of course did no good as he is not solid, the stuff toys went straight through him. I started calling for my guides, the nasty man was approaching me, I was so scared, “Don’t let him touch me” I remembered yelling in my mind. I turned upside down in my bed, putting my head where my feet go trying to hide any way I could, “Please, Please, Please don’t let him touch me”, I continued to yell.
I felt like his hand was about to touch me when, A huge battle broke out between my guides and this entity,
then suddenly I awoke to find it was morning. I was still upside down in my bed, all my stuff toys were over by the window, but the being was gone.
I checked my window and to my surprise it was wide open.
I ran downstairs to tell my parents, but of course they didn’t believe me.
So I insisted they come up stairs to see my window. Under much protest they followed me, and to their astonishment my window was wide open.
It took my Dad, My Uncle and the Neighbour to close the window, as it was made not to open that far.
No one believed my story trying to convince me I had dreamt it, even though the window was wide open.
That night my Great Grandfather did turn up, he had removed the entity from my room, a huge battle took place, but it was all over now.
I knew I was safe because My Guides kept me safe.

As the freeway was built, then opened, the nightmare’s really started.
It was as if the road being dug up had awaken every spirit in the district and they could all see me.
They would be lined up down the freeway, just looking at me, then they started to get closer, waving at me pointing at me, being in the mirror when I looked behind me. Then one night driving down the freeway I had to sit with my head buried in the car seat to stop the visions of the spirits trying to get my attention.
They then started leaping through the seat, there was no escaping them. I did think I was going a little bit crazy. It has to stop, this could not continue. So I sat alone in my room, asking my guides and my Great Grandfather to sit with me and one by one I spoke to the people, the Spiritual people.
One of my guides was taking notes, while the other decided what exit the people should take.
The spiritual people told me about their life in Campbelltown and some of them, the tortures they has endured.
Some of the deceased were the torturers, fallen angels, some had distorted figures, while some where just plain evil and ugly.
One by one we, myself and my guides, started walking these people over, walking them into the light.
Being young, being alone with this Spiritual connection, my guides taught me how to walk people over into the light to move them on. Even how to call on the deceased one’s guides to assist in walking them over.
To the deceased I was a Bright white light they could all see.


Visions/Indian Lifetime

As a primary school aged child I use to play in the street with all the neighbourhood children.
Our street was a giant circuit with two little streets running off it, like the letter q with two tails, there is also a natural creek and bush area we played in. It was a great place to play hide and seek, robin hood or Indians.
One day I remember seeing all of us playing down by the bush and creek area. Like normal.
A friend and I went off to hide in the bush. We seemed to walk for miles, the landscape changing from bush-land to a rocky surface that was an orange colour, a flat rock plateau we walked across, when I looked up, right up in the mountain, I could see a small waterfall flowing to a pond on the rocky orange plateau. As if Mother Earth had a continuous gentle flow of tears.
The landscape changing again.
Up on the side of a hill we could see something hiding in the scrub of the bush. We went closer and closer. It was an Aframe tent with colours or something splattered over it. I wondered who had coloured their tent, what a strange thing to do. I scoured the bush for other people but saw no one. My friend and I got even closer until we were standing in front of the tent door.
With one very quick pull I opened the Aframe tent flap. There lying in the tent where two men, both had had their throat slashed clean and quick. The colouring all over the tent was their blood which was now drying out. The men had blue/grey uniforms and silly little black hats on.
I couldn’t physically move as the scene and information are being gathered by my brain. The scenario was death, out in the bush. I was terrified. Who were these people? How come no one else had seen them? I felt fear, I felt like we had been seen by someone. The forest floor made a noise and my friend and I ran and ran as fast as we could, my heart beating in my chest.
I awoke the next morning in my bed, full of questions, I couldn’t wait to get to school and ask my friends what we did about the tent people.
When I did arrive at school I found my friend and asked “What did we do about the tent?”
“What tent” she answered.
“You know the tent we found in the bush, with those people in it?”
“No, what people, what are you talking about?” she replied.
When I stopped and took a breath, I could see my friend had no idea what I was talking about. My friend had no knowledge about the bush, the tent or any people in a tent.
She said we hadn’t even played that afternoon in the bush, as it was a week day and most of us had dancing or swimming, etc on after school.
Feeling totally confused I went and sat under a tree to try and understand what I had seen. Was it a dream or was it real. It felt very real.
I didn’t know they were called visions in those young days.
As I sat under the tree, I began to look at the landscape around me, it was not of my dream, the landscape there was different. I knew deep down I had been to a different place and I felt the connection would soon become clear.
Animals would always give me confirmation, they would find our home and just have to be near me, a very beautiful feeling to just be with an animal. If they needed healing or just company, I would give them that and we would sit and intuitively talk.
Years later when I learnt about Native Indians and their own wars with the white people, I learnt about the rebels uniforms and red/orange rock plateau’s the Indians lived on. The more I researched in books, dictionaries and encyclopedias the more I released I had gone back in time to heal a situation. I had more and more visions of my Native Indian lifetime, the people I shared it with, my spiritual guides and shamanic knowledge.
Now I ran Shamanic Drum circles to share this lifetime, energy and knowledge with others, bringing the clan back together in this lifetime.


Babysitting Club

Mum was in a Babysitters club, which exchanged points instead of money so everyone had to sit if they wanted points to go out and it worked very well. I would quite often direct Mum to the houses we were going to Babysit at.
She would get quite frustrated with me, debating that I had not been there before so how would I know, but I did Know.
At one house I asked the owner if she had a purple cup in her corner kitchen cupboard, when she opened the cupboard, she did have a purple cup sitting in her corner cupboard. I just smiled at Mum.
Another house we were due to babysit at had Cats, and my Mum and Sister were allergic to cats, I pre-warned Mum but she said there were no cats at this house. Well there were cats, and they had had Kittens, so My Mum and my Sister sneezed all night long as they allergies and the cat hair combined.


We went to a party in Campbelltown one night and Mum and I were not getting on, teenage years.
When we arrived at the party, I felt like every adult was glaring at me, Mum and her friends stayed inside.
I decided to go out the back away from Mum and talk to other people.
There were many people in the backyard,
There were torches with live flames burning for light, it was very pretty.
I mingled with all the people who were very charming, we talked and laughed.
Hours later I could hear my Mum calling me, so I said Bye to the backyard party and went inside.
Mum with an anxious look on her face, said “Sharon where have you been?”
“Outside” I replied, “with the rest of the party”
“What party, dont you lie to me young lady,” my Mum replied.
When I looked out of the window there was nothing, it was in darkness, not a torch to be seen, no humans, not even a dog.
It would seem I had spent hours with Spiritual people enjoying their company, laughter and knowledge, feeling well received.
I learnt from this, the more open people were to me, the more aware I was that they were spiritual beings.

Parramatta Rd

We use to travel from Campbelltown to Riverstone or Emu plains a lot. In those days you had to travel bumper to bumper in traffic down Parramatta rd, traffic lights every few metres. It was a traffic nightmare.
Mum’s little car would overheat if stuck in traffic, so Parramatta rd was an overheating nightmare, continuously overheating every few km’s. We would pull over, bonnet up, let it cool down, we would add water then drive on.
One day Mum asked for my t-shirt so she could get the radiator cap off, this left me standing in a 2piece bathing costume, standing on the side of Parramatta road, well we received more assistance that day than any other. Mum quietly insisting I get back in the car and cover up.
From that day on, every time we travelled down Parramatta road, my Mum would quietly say “Shaz make the traffic lights green”, So I did. Mum would ask me to make the traffic lights go green, while her energy tried to pretend she didn’t ask. She felt uncomfortable admitting to the magic.
I would teach my younger sister how to do it too.
So all three of us would travel along Parramatta rd quietly asking the traffic lights to stay green, then saying thank you as we travelled none stop, without over heating, down Parramatta rd.


Girl and Car

At home one afternoon after High school, I had the urge to stand and look out the front door to watch my sister walk home.
One thing the backdoor has the view of my sister coming home, not the front door, in fact we very rarely used the front door.
Just as I went to walk away, I saw a little girl crossing the road and a car hit her,
The girls body went up into the air like a rag doll, spinning and spinning.
as her body landed back on earth, on the bitumen, she landed head first, then neck then back then legs and arms flopped. I immediately ran Emergency services, I grabbed a blanket and went running. Adults were yelling to me to call the services, so I was replying I already have. It felt like I was about 1 minute ahead of everyone.
I ran to the little girl, she had blood coming out of her eyes, so I knew she was deceased, next minute this Angelic nurse was on the other side of the little girls body, she told me she was a nurse I told her my diagnoses, a nod from the nurse showed me she agreed with me. We closed the little girls eyes then concentrated on keeping the crowd of people, mainly primary and infants school children away.
Once the emergency services turned up, I told them what I saw and knew and I walked away, my job complete.
Word spread that the children could speak to me, for many days, months, I spoke to the children this little girl went to school with, they were experiencing dreams and visions and came to me for many answers. They found peace in what they were learning, the children were taking back their Intuitive power.


Saved from Train

Every morning I would run for my Sydney bound train in my suit, high heels and stockings.
We had boom gates at our railway crossing. It was normal for the west bound train to pull in, going past the boom gates, then our train would pull in. The boom gates would remain down, bells ringing. If you waited you may miss your train. So often people would duck under the boom gates, cross the line and jump on the Sydney bound train.
This particular morning the west bound train goes past me and it stops at the station as normal. I begin running across the tracks to get to the other side to catch my train. As I walked out from behind the stationary train a hand grabbed my shoulder and blouse and pulled me back against the boom gate. Before I could blink an express freight train roared past me. Feeling very thankful for me life being saved I turned around to say “Thank you” to the man but there was no one standing there, No one at all.
I realised at that moment my Guardian angels had reached out and pulled me back, saving my human life from pain and certain death.
I walked around all day with a smile and a sense of gratitude knowing that my spiritual guides where walking with me.


People roller skating down the freeway

I was about 19years old. We had been at a friends house. We were socialising and swimming in the pool all night.
When we decided to drive home, my partner, at the time, drove, our best friend was in the passenger seat and I laid down in the back of the panel van so I could lookout through the windscreen.
It’s approximately 3am. We are driving down the freeway. Suddenly we see a large group of people, they appeared to be roller skating down the brake down lane of the freeway. The driver stopped the car, our mate wound down the window and asked the 2 people who were leading the pack “What they were doing” They had No safety car following them or reflective jackets on.
I looked out the window and saw a very old man and a little girl with a bonnet on.
They smiled at my friends question.
The rest of the group seemed to be all grey with no features.
I knew at this point that we were talking to spirits not humans.
At the same time our flatmates went driving past flashing their light and beeping the horn, why were we stopped in a lane in the middle of the freeway.
This broke the vision, the driver put the car in gear and drove off, the passenger wound up his window.
I looked out the back window as we drove off and of course there was nothing to see.
The Angels were walking people over to the light and we were lucky enough to see the transition.
Nothing was said between us as we drove home.
When we did arrive home, our flatmates questioned our behaviour, “why was the car stopped on the freeway”. As my friends went to explain they realised they had seen one of my visions. They all threw cushions at me as their realisation set in.
It would seem that I had wrapped a white bubble around all of us keeping us safe but this also allowed others to see my visions. Oops.
The Spiritual Angelic leaders looked like my Great Grandfather and I thought a vision of my Mum as a little girl.
23years later, My daughter awakes one morning and asks me if I remembered the night I drove down the freeway with friends and saw an old man, a little girl and others just floating down the freeway.
“Yes” I answered.
“Hello” said my daughter, I am that little girl.
She had dreamt that vision during the night and remembered to say ‘hi’ when she awoke.


Flat mates and Sightings at Ruse

In one house I lived in we had many spiritual visitors.
We also had a Beautiful spiritual lady in the house who kept watch over the house. She would flick the light switch, you would hear the click but the lights didn’t come on. We could hear her clogs walking around as she took each step.
She would quite often walk down the hallway through my bedroom, past my t.v. which would loose reception as she walked by, then she walked out the window continuing her journey, her footsteps fading as she walked into the distance.
Most of the time she just ignored us but when she had something to say we all felt it.
She presented herself to a few of the flatmates. We would be sitting around doing our own thing, when suddenly flatmates would turn grey, their eye’s would water and all the hairs on their neck would be standing up. At that point mu flatmate would start yelling “Make her stop it, shaz”. I would then tune in to see what was going on, then id laugh.
One flatmate drop to the floor, hanging on to my ankles, he was so scared. every hair on his neck was standing up.
She showed herself to those that needed to feel unconditional love, or those who disbelieved.
We would put our cigarettes down and she would pinch them, hide our lighters, hide what she didnt want us to touch.
Once you asked for them to be returned they would be.
Most flatmates were scared stiff at the time, then spent much time reflecting on what they saw and felt.
We had so many events with Spirits within the home. I am always protected.

Sitting in Bellingen Hotel one evening, waiting for the local band to start and I look up to see a White Angel coming towards me,
I asked my friends could they see this lady as she made her way towards me, the pub was packed to the rafters.
Everyone answered No, but two of my friends couldn’t take their eyes of this White Angel.
She told me about a Angel who would be named Skye. I gave Birth to this Angel many many years later.

One afternoon we pulled into the driveway of my home and there were two men standing at our back door. Both had the old country man’s hat on, jackets were water proof down to their boots, their boots had spurs on them.
One of the men had his foot on the back step, the other was at the door, so I jumped out of the car and yelled out to the two men, then yelled at my two cattle dogs which had allowed these two men into the yard.
The men turned looked at me they did not speak a word, the dogs ran around chasing their tails, it was the dogs lack of understanding that made me take a breath and look again. The dogs obviously could not see/sense the men, otherwise they would have been barking at the men. The men were in spirit. Then they vanished.
My sister and my other flatmate had run around the front of the house but saw no one jump the fence or run away.
When I explained they had just gone, we all spent the afternoon searching for answers until we realised that we had seen two men from the past, Macarthur’s day, not the present, standing at our back door.
It would seem I now have two more guides protecting the house.
Their energy was of white light or my dogs would have been reacting.
There are a lot of lost spirits out there, those that seek a passage to the white light and I would simply engage the light and walk them through to their guides.


My Great Grandmother

The night my Great Grandmother passed over, I was at home asleep.
Nanna was in hospital, she had grown 98years old and quite weak.
I loved my Great Grandmother, she would look after me when I was sick, she would be the one I wanted to spend school holidays with, I loved sharing her company, listening to her stories. Nanna always spent Xmas Eve with us so she was there in the morning to share the whole day. The other Grandmother’s would come over Xmas Morning.
My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather lived with us when Mum was pregnant with me then when I was a baby. So Nanna was a big part of my life.
I travelled to Nanna’s bedside in spirit, watching her guides and spiritual family gather around as Nanna prepared to cross over. It was a beautiful scene, Nanna’s Husband, my Great Grandfather, was there, Nanna’s brother whom she adored was there, Many English family members which brought much joy to my Nanna’s heart, her energy was glowing.
When Nanna’s time arrived she stepped out of the human dress-up and stood in front of me glowing with Angelic energy, I remember giggling, saying to her “See I told you”. The smile and approving hug I received from Nanna at that moment confirmed her knowing now.
I watched Nanna with her Spiritual Family and Guides walk off into the white light.
Out of my human sleep I awoke with a start, the conscious mind was now aware of Nanna’s passing over and I was crying lots, crying for my grief and loss of my physical Nanna. I know I can angelically hug her anytime, but at that moment my Inner child and I were going to grieve.
My partner at the time, gave me his shoulder to lean on and a compassionate heart as I shared the news of Nanna’s passing with him.
In the morning my Mum rang on the telephone to say “She was ringing to Confirm that Nanna had passed over, as she knew I would already know”.
Oh my Gosh, my Mum was Confirming that I would know, “Confirming”.
I didn’t know whether to cry or do back flips, My Mum was “Confirming I would know”.
My Great Grandmother had given me a great gift in her passing, My Mum’s faith.


Toys with No batteries

It was the middle of the night, I was 7months pregnant with 2nd child and my 3year old daughter was screaming in fear. I went running into her room half a sleep.
She was convinced someone was in her room, I checked everywhere no one in there.
She wasn’t convinced I turned the room upside down, found nothing.
I returned to my bedroom just about to sit on my bed, when a bell on one of the toys started ringing. I ran back to my daughters room, grabbed my daughter, ran back to my room and put her in my bed with me, I told my daughter she would be safe and we slept.
A few more times, toys played but no one physically was playing with them. Then I realised it was the spirit of the unborn child playing with the toys in the house.
While pregnant with my 4th child and a lot more toys in the house with flashing lights and music, the toys would play a lot. They had no batteries in them and were turned off. It use to really freak my Mum out, in a sudden outburst she would say “Stop it, its not funny, just stop it” and all would go quiet for a while. “Damn toys” Mum would say.
Every time Mum realised what was going on she would get fearful and say “Sharon you really need to do something about those toys”.
Of course the toys stopped everytime Mum requested they stop. That freaked Mum out more.
I thought it was funny watching Mum and her spiritual grandchildren communicating.
Angels will do almost anything to communicate with you and this was their way of getting my Mum to talk to them, to see that the spiritual world is in fact real.
Otherwise the unborn grandchild could not have been playing with the toys that were turned off and had No batteries.
One night two police officer came to the door, I rang them about another matter. The moment Mum answered the door the toys came alive, Mum told the police officers the toys were malfunctioning. The officers looked at me funny and I burst into laughter.
Then Mum in a loud and stern voice said “but they will stop soon”, and the toys did, ha,ha,ha.


Blue eyes

Years ago when my now adult son was at preschool,
I meet a little boy who melted my heart,
He was a so-called naughty boy to the teacher and a lot of adults,
But I could see good in him, he has beautiful blue eyes,
He was brought to preschool without equipment, and you cannot expect a three year old to supply his own equipment.
So when the other children went to get their bags and morning tea or drink bottles he had none, feeling left out, he would then stand out.
So under Spirits guidance I bought him a bag and morning tea which i snuck secretly into the preschool.
I asked the staff to never tell this little boy were these things came from and that they must always remain at preschool.
Every week, thanks to spirits guidance and financial support, I was able to replenish the goods making sure this boy always had the same as everyone else, at least while he was at preschool. The staff also supported my adventure with extra snacks, seeing the improvement in this child.
18 Years later, 2am in the morning, at BracketsnJams 3 day Gosford concert, which was absolute fantastic.
This young man jumps in front of me and says “Hi”,
I look up to see these beautiful blue eyes looking down at me,
Its is the boy from preschool and he remembers me,
He turned to all his street friends and said “Here’s the lady i told you about”, “I tell everyone about You’.
Wow i was flabbergasted with the Love from this little boy that had now become a young man.
It would seem that a Little kindness and respect from one human to another, spreads deep within the human consciousness and is never forgotten.
May the Angels wrap their wings around this young man and always keep him safe.



I had been out to lunch with friends and was following them home to my place.
On my way home the car in front crashed.
The lady was driving along when i saw her slump, the car crossed to the wrong side of the road and was hit full on by on coming traffic, the car was then thrown into a traffic pole, the ladies head come out of the window and hit the pole, the car then came to rest in between the pole and a retaining wall.
The whole thing happened in slow motion, as the conscious and subconscious minds come together to retain knowledge and find the knowledge to resolve this situation.
I pulled over, hazard lights flashing, grabbed the sun window visor and called to others to ring the ambulance as I ran over to the main car.
I then yelled to everyone, turn the cars off at the ignition, we do not want any faulty sparks or starts, One man debated with me so I had to explain electricity flowing through the cars engine and it has not been turned off due to the cars artificially stopping, crashing.
I then somehow entered the crashed car, the doors were crashed shut and the car was wedged against the street pole and a retaining wall.
I placed the widow visor over the deceased lady, keeping her body warm.
I guaranteed the back passengers that they were fine, the blood they could see was not theirs, with that they relaxed, until they started to question where the blood did come from, By then they were using their Intuition and learning the answers for themselves.
The energy within the car was on maximum and kept changing as the occupants figured out what had happened.
The driver was definitely passed over, she passed when I saw her slump over the drivers wheel, her head hitting the street pole the way it did certainly stopped her brain at that moment.
The lady in the car was the drivers mother, she calling for her daughter, screaming her daughter’s name, so I joined their hands together so they could at least hold hands, I kept telling the mother, “all was well”, then suddenly I knew she knew what I meant, her intuition was taking over and she knew exactly what was going on. The car went very quiet from that point.
A group of Lifesavers arrived from a local beach, they wanted to removed the deceased body from the car, I stood my ground and reminded them that you, Do Not, remove a person from a car accident due to possible head, back or neck injuries. I refused to allow them anywhere near this woman, but I did ask them to clean up the back passengers with wet one’s and conversation to keep their minds from going into shock.
When the emergency services arrived I found myself talking to them in their code so I could up date them on the situation.
The ambulance officer put his gear down and then asked his partner to pass him a piece of equipment, before they could blink I had already given it to the officer, he looked at me funny then said can you pass me ??? another piece of equipment, I lifted the tray from his emergency box and passed him the equipment, at this point the officer looks at me and asks “am i okay”. Sure I reply im just trying to help you.
Next thing I remember I am outside the car, the mother has been removed from the car and an older police officer with lots of badges on his shoulders is talking to me. I dont know what he said I just remember saying, “Oh no I’m fine”, I asked him to speak to the man who debated with me about car’s electrical systems and to talk to the Lifeguards about car accident safety and the importance of not removing a body, particularly if its passed over. I then got in my car and continued my journey picking up my son, then my daughter and returning home, to find confused friends, why had it taken me so long to come home, I was following them.
I explained to them what had happened and like a giant brick the facts hit me and I burst into tears.
I had been there to hold this lady’s hand as she passed over, to protect her Mum and convince those in the backseat that all was well. Wow.


Archangel and Helicopter

While living in a house on top of very steep incline, 86 steps in total and the house was on stilts,
I have the front door wide open, the sea breeze blowing through, I am folding up washing on a Sunday.
I saw a male figure at the door and within my mind started chatting to him. Then the conscious mind realised what was going on.
With the Male, a Female appeared at my door, saying Hello, the female asking could I help her.
“Sure” I answered, how can I help,
She asked me to ask the Helicopter driver to spot her body on the rocks, to support everyone’s healing with this discovery.
I realised that I was talking to Archangel Raphael and a young woman.
The young woman had falling accidentally,
I stood on my veranda focusing on the energy of the young woman and the helicopter, asking all the realms to guide the pilot to the young woman, a few seconds later the helicopter started hovering over the one spot.
I turned to Archangel Raphael and the young woman and they confirmed the helicopter had sight of the body.
Thinking my job was over I said “Okay, Job done,” and I went back to folding up my washing.
The next day I awoke grieving, hearing her talk to me, with messages of love and support for her family and friends, especially her Dad.
I had a healing, I asked my Masters to disconnect the cord, but she kept sending messages, which resulting in me being in tears.
Days later, still grieving, came the day of this young woman’s funeral, she was showing me everything, the funeral, the flowers, the grieve of her family, etc, etc,
She begged me to attend her funeral and support her family, but to MY rule’s I cannot do that, unless invited by the family, which on this occasion I had not been officially invited by the family.
The family don’t know me.
I did agree to pass on a gift though, to a family friend who would give it to her parents.
I found myself in the crystal shop buying a crystal for this young woman’s family as a sign of her love.
The woman in the crystal shop listened to why I needed to buy this crystal and what it represented, feeling the grieve I was experiencing and the importance to this mission she started looking with me.
The Spiritual young woman lead me straight to a Rose Quartz Angel, a symbol of Unconditional love from an Angel, to her Family, especially her Parents.
The wake was being held in a local surf club, so I sat on the steps waiting for the right moment, the right person to hand this precious gift of angelic love too.
Stating again I could not give it to her father directly, but could to a family friend.
After sitting there for what felt like an eternity, I was guided to walk to the surf club, as I reached the door a young girl came out, she was send out to me,
I ask her to take this gift inside to the family, to place it on the table, in front of the parents.
With her hands cupped together this young girl, carrying a fragile crystal, she could not take her eyes off it, she turned and walked away back into the surf club to deliver the gift of eternal love, to a loving family.
The energy of grief instantly left my aura, my job was done, and I was able to get on with my life.


My Mum Passing Over

Mum started getting quite ill, but was trying to make out all was fine.
One night, while i was pregnant with my 4th child, i turned to mum and said so do you know you are sick are you going to tell anyone.
Mum yelled at me, which confirmed i was right.
When i was a young teenager Mum had a an operation, cervical caner, i knew that day when i came in to visit her, i ran out into the hallways and cried and cried, the nurses were guaranteeing me all was fine but i knew it wasn’t going to be quite the outcome i wanted.
Months later, mum gathered the family to announce she had Liver cancer. Every family members energy just fell through the floor, this was not the outcome they wanted either.
Poor Mum, she didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, she lived an Angelic life, yet she had liver cancer.
It was a tough journey watching Mum very quickly get very sick.
The children bought a card with Marg simpson on it for they said Nanna was that yellow.
Mum did not get better.
The family members would ring me up to tell me it wasnt fair, to insist i change the journey, my Sister would be crazy at me sometimes. But I do Not have a magic wand, and I cannot make people better, that is up to them.
They would ring me up and yell at me for not being at Mums house, but if i knew i wasn’t needed i didn’t go. My time to be with Mum would come.
The sicker Mum got within weeks the more i was with her,
She asked that i take her with my Stepdad to the hospital and palliative care unit.
As Mum walked out of the house, she walked very slowly due to illness but also as a last look at this place she called home, this place where she shared so much love and wonderful times with her partner, a place where the family gathered for fun.
As we drove in the car, the sun was setting in the west, and Mum said “Shaz can you see that”, I reached out and touched her shoulder and behind crying/screaming tears i said “Yes Mum, it is beautiful”.
We drove quietly to the hospital and palliative care units, both my stepdad and my hearts dragging now across the floor.
The palliative care unit was nice, it was clean and busy, every room had people who were passing over from illnesses in them.
It was very confronting.
We made mum comfortable and then continued to visit very often.
Then i had the urge to be with Mum, so i went to my sister to ask her to look after my children while i went with mum, she knew what i meant and came with me.
I sat all night with mum, i held her hand all night. One the tv was a program about the Beatles and the Rolling Stone,
although Mum was out to it, we intuitively sat there and laughed at the time, the behaviour of the people and the music.
The only thing Mum ever did that was considered naughty, was to skip school and see the Beatles arrive at Melbourne airport, ha,ha.
I think the family thought i was a bit of a rolling stones child, but right now holding mums hand she knew i was of good blood, full of good intentions.
The next day the family insisted i return home to my children, under much protest i went home.
I prayed and spoke to my Mum intuitively all night
then during the night archangel Azrael turned up to inform me mum had passed over, i saw my mum standing with her dad, and i could see the happiness she now held in her eyes.
I went to my sisters that morning, when i arrived my sister was sitting on the floor like a child going through the photo albums, looking at mums life with her, as soon as my sister looked into my eyes she knew mum had passed over.
a couple of hours later the phone rand to confirmed that mum had passed over.
My sister and i jumped into the car and drove to Sydney.
My sister went into mums room, became overwhelmed and screamed and screamed. I grabbed a nurse said these are my children, that is my sister crying, my mum has passed over I have to go into mum and my sister, watch the children.
I entered the room, said Hi to Mum, then gathered my sister, standing her back on her feet, then we stood together, looking at Mum’s Angelic beauty, Mum was a plus size beauty queen.
I talked to my Mum thanking her for being my Mum, thanking her for all the journeys, the holidays and time we had spent together.
I laid my hands on Mums feet to make sure there was no life stuck within the human body, as i wanted to confirm with myself Mum was free.
The Family left the room and Mum & I got time together, a moment in the Spiritual world with Mum while still human.
I then opened the door for my Children to say Goodbye to Nanna’s human body, They both looked and intuitively knew what was happening, They both blew Nanna a Kiss full of love and we left the room, Leaving Mum to continue her Angelic journey in peace & love.


My Sister Passed Over.

She ended her journey in a car crash.
I would like to share that journey with you from my spiritual and physical view.
The day before was Sunday, I needed to get to a Big Psyhic expo but didn’t have enough money for petrol, i couldn’t get a lift with anyone, I was stuck at home. Grumbling to Spirit, I had to just accept the fact that i was not going to work today.
Around Lunchtime My Sister turned up, popping through the front door with her bubbly hop and smile. We spent the whole day together, which was great. The children hanging out together, swapping videos, being cousins, while we were being sister’s.
It was a fun day.
While talking to my Sister i showed her a picture of a friends coffin, it is painted with a magnificent piece of art work. My friend that practiced Shamanic drumming and healing. I was most insisted that she look at the picture and identify the symbols. She said “I shoved it down her throat”. LOL.
My eldest son went back to my Sisters house that night for dinner. They often shared time together. Two peas in a pod, i think.
My Son and Nephew watched a movie together.
In the Early hours of the Morning i was woken by my guides, my Mum and my Sister, who was screaming. I was the crash, could see the current situation, while being consoled by my guides and angels.
About half an hour later i could hear footsteps coming up the driveway, then a knock at the front door.
I jumped up and ran out to the door, as i opened the door i saw that my arm was not my arm, it was a different shape, it felt different.
I opened the door to find a Policeman standing there.
He humanly confirmed that my Sister had had a car accident, and it was fatal.
I started screaming for my son, I turned around to find my daughter, i panicked yelled “Where is my son”, Next minute he came out of his room. “Your not the son im looking for my Son” i said.
I could hear my self and had to compose me and ask my Sister to just be for a minute. I realised that my Sister was within me looking for her sons.
I spoke to the Policeman.
After he left, I sat like a stunned mullet, listening to the radio,
I had to give my brain and emotions time to absorb the heart wrenching news.
The news came on the radio about the accident, next minute i find myself on the phone to the DJ’s and they are saying Hello.
I said Hello back and then explained that was my Sister, and how grief struck i was, then i apologised to the traffic for the inconvenience. Then i hung up.
I went to the accident to be with my Sister, I felt it was my duty to be with My Sister as she came to terms with what was happening.
After talking to the police, they explained that her body was trapped in the car, even though they had their jaws of life.
I explained that she was waiting for me, That i had to speak to her, to re-assure her that i will take care of the boys for as long as i am alive, then they would be able to free her body.
There were media people everywhere, Rescue services, Ambulance officers, Fire trucks and men, and Police.
As i walked towards my Sister, her body freed its self and layed upon a white sheet the ambulance officers had put down.
Everyone looked at on in amazement, they seemed to be wrapped in Angelic light, allowing me to do my job. I continued walking to my Sister.
I stood before my Sister, we spoke Intuitively and i Prayed for her.
I explained that she had to go through the white light now, her human body was not working anymore. She was not wanting to go.
Through the White light and prayers, my Sisters guides and my Mum appeared, my Mum sending me Intuitive love as she approached my Sister.
My Sister still would not budge, Wanting to return to her sons, back within her home.
As i called for more Spiritual help, my Shamanic friend walked forward, The one from the photo, He smiled at me with a loving heart then tapped my Sister on the shoulder, she turned to see him and said “Hey your one of Shaz’s friends” they then began a conversation.
As they spoke, my Friend and my Mum were able to walk my Sister into the light with comfort and ease.
The light shut behind them and i looked down to see an empty human body laying before me. It even gave me a sign of release.
I walked away from the scene, the further i walked away the more the human grief hit me until i finally feel apart, slumping over the bonnet of the tow truck and screaming my lungs out.
Then i went and sat with the body until the ambulance drove away.
As i started to go into shock again, my Step Dad pulled up and encouraged me to go home, i finally agreed and went with him in his car.
Later, i found myself going on continuous Auto pilot while we, as a a family, dealt with this grief.
I remember going out onto my veranda continuously wailing my heart and soul out, trying to get a handle on the situation.
I sat in a circle of Rice, Crystals, and Incense, while continuously chanting a Spiritual Chant. I did this for days. Making sure my Sister’s heart and soul enlightened to a beautiful angelic space.
I had to attend the Police station and sign my Sister’s death certificate paperwork, It was so so so hard. My hand would not work, i kept standing in the corner trying to compose myself, i was crying, swearing, trying to control me, as i felt like i was signing her human life away, a confirmation that this awful moment was real.
I feel apart again, after at least 20minutes and now everyone in the office trying to encourage me, i finally was able to sign a squiggle on the paper, i threw the pen away and just within me lost the plot for a moment.
Later that day I found myself buying flowers from our local fruit barn and hanging the flowers on the railing at the crash site, Spirit said it would help people, it would give others a place to grieve.
While approaching the site i collapsed, as i went to hit the concrete, a physical angelic friend appeared next to me, saving me, helping me back onto my feet.
Then another long time friend, and wonderful teacher of my children, appeared, she had exactly the same flowers in her hands that i had bought, bright orange sunflower type flowers, representing a new dawn, a new life.
As i asked a million questions, a Cockatoo landed next to me, squeaking, wings spread wide. My Mum’s sign is a Cockatoo,
I yelled at the Cockatoo, i wasn’t interested in having fun. Next minute another Cockatoo appeared then a pack of Cockatoo’s, all squacking at me, As if to say “We are all fine, spread your wings, feel our white loving light, fly free”, then they flew into the West Sun which was setting, ending the journey for the day.
A couple of hours later i returned to the accident sight to find the whole railing covered in flowers, it was a Beautiful sight.
So much love, people coming together, people honouring my Sister from their Hearts.
I have walked many many people over this lifetime but having to walk your younger Sister over is one of the hardest things i have ever had to do.
I had seen my sister death years before, one night while my mum, my sister and i were out. Mum saw it too, when i turned to share with her what we both just saw, Mum went so cranky at me, that I knew & I was correct.
I took my youngest children to the crash sight the next day to hang flowers. They both Intuitively connected to the energy and started telling me what had happened. One Son says: You know how when you Girls cry your eyes fill up with water and you cant see, I’m sorry I couldn’t see properly, too many tears in my eyes, my heart was braking, and the tears wouldnt let me see properly”. Oh My, I knew he was telling me how my Sister was feeling at the time. Then my other Son, bare foot is walking across a tree like a trapize artist, the tree was smashed during the crash. He starts telling me how the accident happened, the movements of the car, the braking of tree branches, Oh My, I was flabagasted but also relieved to hear & know what occurred.
The first witness at the scene i know, ironically, he said Pink’s song “Fun House” was blaring from the radio during & after the crash.
The 2nd witness I also know, he held My Sister’s hand speaking Positive supportive words to comfort my Sister, who died instantly.
At the viewing, myself and my adult daughter were sitting outside the building waiting for the rest of the family.
By now i was so split, one side of me wanted to stand in her spiritual power and do everything i could for my sister, the human half of me wanted to run far far away.
So while sitting in the car waiting, I can see my sister peering through the Venetian blinds, asking What are you waiting for”, so i explained the “family”. All of a sudden, my daughter yells will you tell Aunty to stop it, its not funny. I turned to my daughter and we laughed and cried at the same time.
My Sister is from the Fairie realm, in physical life if there was negative energy within the home she would do a little tap dance and lighten everyone up. So now my daughter and myself can see my sister doing a tap dance on the footpath at the front of our car.
My Guides suddenly tell me to hold my ground, so i stop laughing and crying, only to find the family pulling up next to me in their car.
Once inside the building, i opened the door of the room my sister laid in and announced I had brought the family, all was well now”,
i went over and kissed my sister all over the cheeks and forehead, I stood over her and sent Reiki energy into her physical body to fill it with white light.
At one point my daughter and i were like bowl of Jelly, holding back the laughter, as we cold both see my sister dancing around the room trying to show the family that she is fine, they could feel the energy but weren’t sure.
At that moment my Nephew yelled, Granddad why aren’t they crying, pointing at myself and my daughter.
As I left the room, the human me feel to pieces again, crying, wailing, wanting to be held by My Mum and my Sister and oth were now in spiritual bodies.
I left so alone, so abandoned, so angry, so sad, so turned inside out. Yet knowing that both beautiful ladies were fine, so i kept asking for their support to help me deal with this human grief and they did.
So many people attended the funeral i don’t think they all fitted. It was such a beautiful sight to see the community voluntarily turn up to show their support to myself and my family in honour of my Sister.
Before the service i seem to be running around thanking everyone for attending my funeral, then as i went to hug one male i suddenly stopped and said, “Oh i don’t know you”, but when he spoke to me, i replied “Wow you are the man that was holding my hand at the car crash, i remember your voice”. The crowd just looked on speechless, as this was not my funeral and the male did not hold my hand.
Next minute i heard my Stepdad clear his voice then speak to my, “I turned around glowing and excited and said “This is the man that held my hand at the car crash, he is a wonderful man”. My stepdad lead me away from the crowd at that point and suddenly i was standing in a crowd of people feeling so so lonely.
It would seem my Sister had jumped into me again and was controlling my physical body.
I said a speech at the funeral, and the love in the room so powerful, as the session finished, i suddenly stood straight up, yelling messages through the church, screaming “that it was not fair, i should not be the one in the box, the one that pushed me over the edge should be in the box not me”. I then grabbed my dress like Cinderella and ran out of the church.
Once outside I realised again my sister had jumped into me and was protesting loud and clear, she then tried to run from the angelic light that was taking her home.
I had to once again gather myself and insist that my sister cross over with Mum were they can both make sure we are safe, and with the firm hand of the guides she was lead away.
I grieved for days/ weeks, months, I learnt many lessons in that time, and had to do a lot of healing.
I Love my Sister and always will.


My Beautiful Puppy Dog, Sasha

I saw in my Visions my Dog of 15 years. Sasha was born in my garage and was going to pass over by being hit by a car.
I asked that this ending be changed but it could not.
So I asked that Sasha feel No pain and the Children Not hear her screams.
As it was, Sasha was hit by a car, right outside our letter box, the Neighbour heard it but the children did not, Thank Goodness.
They rang me and I raced home.
As I pulled up I realised I knew these people, they were like minded people, who have heart and right now it was hurting.
I held Sasha in my arms and Thanked her for being my Dog, for being my Friend, and told her to now let go and go.
A few seconds later, this wisp of air rang through us. As this was happening I grabbed the face of the lady driving the car and Kissed her all over the face/cheeks and smiled at her with Angelic eyes.
We both felt that was my Sister kissing me and as I felt it I kissed the other lady.
Then we all saw, Even the Neighbour saw, Sasha jump up and ran after my Sister, to go and play, pain free. My hair seem to follow the breeze as Spiritual my Sister and my Dog ran over together.
I was so sad but so beautiful at the same time.
I explained to the people that hit Sasha that i had seen this in my vision and asked that it take place as Angelically as possible, so i was pleased it was like minded people and not someone that didnt care.
I grieved as i carried my Dog Sasha’s lifeless body back to the house, to pray over and wrap in blankets, but I do know she is alive and well with my Sister now, which is a good thing.
A couple of days later, the neighbours dog decided to visit us, a Malamo, a beautiful dog, friendly, fluffy, full of energy.
Well it had found the rabbits on my veranda, and while play and have a good time, doing its natural behaviour,
I awoke to all this noise on the veranda, opened the window to see the Dog had grabbed the rabbit and had broken its back. The rabbit was now hanging across the dogs mouth.
I yelled at the Dog, who dropped the rabbit, the rabbit ran for its house, as he stuck its head into its house, it felt safe and passed over instantly.
I ran around to the front door to be on the veranda and as i ran over to the rabbits body i tripped over its spiritual body three times as it ran around my feet and legs for protection.
Without thinking i yelled Stop it, its okay. The children and i giggled as we realised what just happened.
I went to the body of the rabbit spoke with it, Thank him for being my friend. We returned the dog home.
then we conducted a ceremony for the rabbit.
The moral of the story is that animals and children make the Transition into the Spiritual body very quickly, if No “If’s or Buts”,
And although we were all sad not to have the physical bodies of our animals anymore, we all knew they were alive and well.
Six years on and we all kept seeing Sasha sitting on the Lounge, as we went to tell her to get off, everyone in the household, we would realise and giggle to ourselves, for now she is in a spiritual body, but she is still not allowed on the lounge, I tell her.
It is wonderful to know she likes to drop in and say Hello.



I awoke on Monday to find 5 people in my space, they were most upset, yelling and carrying on.
They took me to their homes to show me no one was seeing them or noticing their presence.
At that point i asked everyone to Stop, take a breathe, Do You Know Me? I asked. No they replied, “So Why are You here then and how did you get here?” “I explained to them that they were in fact dead/ deceased and now had to pass over.
While consoling these 5 people and their new reality, I asked the guardian Angels of these 5 people to come forward and take them home, peaceful.
Which was instantly done and I could continue to humanly wake up, peacefully.
I felt like i had done a days work before i had even woken up, ha,ha.

Young Skateboard Boy
While at home listening to the radio i hear that a young boy has been hit by a car while riding his skateboard.
At that split second the young boy is sitting on my bed talking to me.
He explained what happened and that he now was in hospital,
He showed me the hospital room, His Mum & Dad there, his Brother & Sister there and his Mum’s Mum, his Nanna was there,
He showed me his brother playing the guitar.
It was a lovely seen, lots & lots of unconditional love in this room.
He explained that he had Passed over and they would soon learn that.
This young man then kept hanging out with me, when it suited him.
I went for a drive to hang posters and put flyers out to advertise my business, when i heard a voice say, “Everything looks different”, I replied “what do you mean everything looks different, Who am I taking too”
The voice replied “From this perceptive, everything looks different”.
Okay conscious brain, whats going on.
It would seem this little boy had taken me for a drive down his street, past his family home, and things looked different from the spiritual realm but now he could find his way home when the family need a loving hug.
I then learnt his favourite colour is red.
The afternoon of his funeral & wake he dropped uin again, he told me “All was well”, “Good” i replied, “Now go home”.
As i drove home for the day, i had to slam my car brakes on so i didnt hit a Bright Red King Parrot, who was flying home.
When I told my 12 & 13 yr old children they just looked at me and said, “He is fine Mum, He lives in ???? a street, is Bright Red and a King Parrot, stop worrying, so at that moment I stopped worrying.
Children are so smart.