Shamanic Drum Circles

The Shamanic drum is a traditional tool used to connect to the Higher Spirit. The Shamanic drum circle is a sacred space using Cherokee philosophies.

The Shamanic drums vibration helps you connect to you animal guides, helping you discover your Native Indian guides and skills.

The drums vibration seems to stem from the inner body outward, awakening your inner spirit, balancing your chakras, removing blockages from the human body and mind. Helping you empower your life.

It creates a true connection between you and Mother Earth and all the elements that live within and above her.

Shamanic Drum circles are held :

2nd Sunday of the month 7pm – 9pm – $15 Per Person

Re-connect to your Red Indian lifetime, allow the drum to open you up to the real you & your real purpose.
Allow the drum to bring through your animal guides, Red Indian guides & Mother earth’s energy.
Allow the drum to give you a healing as it balances your body.