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Came to Mediumship Circle. It was great. Extremely accurate for myself & seemed to be for others as well, defiantly coming again. Also have done Shaz’s Intuitive awareness classes and found that awesome. Recommend Intuitive Awareness to everyone.


What a beautiful night, Thank you Shaz


Thank you for an amazing eye opening night


Thank you Shaz for a wonderful Mediumship circle, It was fantastic. I will defiantly come back for another one.


Came to Mediumship Circle. I really enjoyed the night, it was great hearing from my Beloved Dad. Shaz is excellent


These classes made me have a different perspective on life…I find that all the stories you have told really helped me in a way. I am now a much more positive and happy person, although I still have a long way to go. Thank you for teaching me all these wonderful stories, I really understood and enjoyed every moment!


Thank you Shaz for giving me a task of all the wonderful areas that encompass your Level 1 Intuitive Awareness Classes. You have opened my eyes & heart to so much, and I look forward to continuing this wonderful spiritual journey. Bring on Level 2! =)


Shaz, Amazing teacher. I feel & now trust my intuition, Thank you. I am looking forward to doing some other classes with you.


I have found myself since Shaz’s intuition classes, having the chance to understand the things that were in my head, now I can thrust my guides, with the fantastic teachings I have learned from Shaz.


Intuitive awareness course was fantastic. Met some nice people. Highly recommend it. Thanks Shaz.


Thank you. May we meet again, and I’m sure we will. You are one of a kind. Till next time. Xoxo


Thank you for an extremely accurate reading! You have a special gift and talent! Through the guides you answered many questions. I feel so much better and now have clarity of direction.


Absolutely Amazing. =) Very insightful, Shaz you have a beautiful gift – Highly recommended!!


Thank you Shaz, That was just what I needed, I feel lighter, Happier & more at ease. See you soon.


Thank you Shaz for another peaceful experience


Shaz has changed my life, I am on a path to healing and enlightenment.


Shaz, Thank you for being so insightful. You have given me some confidence to allow my life to be moved in a direction which brings me more happiness. I look Forward to making some changes.


Shaz conducted a tarot reading with myself in September 2008. She was professional and accurate whilst conducting the reading. I sought clarification and direction on where my career in particular was heading. Shaz showed me a way to deal with what was happening with my career and to evaluate what is most important in the work/life balance. She gave me guidance on what direction to take to ensure happiness and fulfillment in my life. Shaz showed empathy and understanding without prejudice during the reading. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Peita Louise Uren

Shaz Butterfly did an angel reading for me at my home. It was a lovely, positive and enlightening experience for me. Shaz was very insightful, gentle, kind and intuitive. She told me many meaningful things and the whole reading was a wonderful experience for me. Shaz also did a positive energy/cleansing of my home, which had a very positive impact on myself and my two children. The whole home felt more positive and lighter. I would definitely recommend Shaz to all my friends. She is very talented and gifted and really helped me in my journey to attain ” balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Kellie Hassab

I have had the blessing of experiencing and participating in levels 1 and 2 of the Intuitive Awareness and Meditation classes with Shaz. The knowledge and wisdom in her teachings shows the depth of her spiritual understanding and coupled with professional and enjoyable teachings, Shaz has inspired me to expand my own knowledge. Shaz creates a safe and fun atmosphere in which to explore and grow. I have also had the amazing fortune of experiencing a hands-on healing, which left me on cloud nine.

Scott Evenden

I had a reading with Shaz, It was unlike any other reading i have had. There were some clear messages about career & my life. Can’t wait to see where it takes me.


Dear Shaz,
You are one beautiful lady, thank you so much for this amazing weekend,
Didnt really know how much i needed it.
I can come away from this a totally different person from the inside out.
I feel this is only the beginning of these transformational, uplifting, healing weekends.


Firstly Thank YOU for all your hard work & effort to make our weekend so successful, I have been out of touch with my spiritual side for sometime and your weekend has shown me a pathway back on track.
I have enjoyed all the camaraderie & friendships & the diversity of this weekend. I feel loved, THANK YOU SHAZ.

Janine 31/5/15

What a wonderful inspiring weekend. I found all facets of this weekend education, uplifting.
It was great meeting all the other ladies and enjoyed the beautiful food in an amazing environment.
I learnt alot about other types of spirituality and found the Shamanic drumming on of the best experiences in my life, so far.
The cabins were cosy surrounded by beautiful landscape.
Thank you for sharing your power, your spirituality, in such a generous space. I will come back.

Shaz Lysele 31/5/15

This truly was a wonderful weekend. Your talents experience respect of the earth, life spirit and love is something that needs to be shared to more and more people.
We need to heal, Humanity needs to heal
Thank you for a small and profound insight into was really matters, I wish that the retreat was for a longer time.

Marlysse 31/5/15

What a fabulous weekend!!!!
No matter how much work/personal development you do on yourself, there is always things to learn.
I’m going to be walking around with “Nice, Nice” for days.
I was able to gain some clarity, clear / release some “yuk,yuk” and get some answers. All this whilst in a loving, safe space with some wonderful women.
You know it, but you are an amazing woman!
Thank you with all my heart & soul.